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Prabuddha Karnataka Centunary, Vijnana and Manavika Karnataka Golden Jubilee Celebration Year - 2021

About Prasaranga

The prasaranga of the Mysore University will shortly be 100 years old, and may be said to be in its prime. In the last 8 decades it has steadily grown called beyond all expectations. It was named by so by the poet laureate of Karnataka Dr. K.V. Puttappa, popularly known as Kuvempu. It was during the period when he was the Vice- Chancellor of the Mysore University that the Prasaranga received all the patronage that it deserved. To-day it may be described as the Rashtrakavi’s dream come true.

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Founder of Mysore University

Rajarshi Shri Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar

Pioneers of Prasaranga

Rashtrakavi Shri Kuvempu

Shri G. Hanumanthrayaru

Dr. D. Javare Gowda

Message from Vice Chancellor
Prof.Lokanath N.K

Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor

Prasaranga, the publication Division of our University, has a long history of more than eight decades. The University assumed greater dimensions as time passed and acquired a definite structure during the times of Kuvempu, when he was the Vice-Chancellor between 1956 and 1960. It was he who placed Prasaranga at the Centre of our attention surpassing even Bodhananga and Samshodhananga. That gave a lot of impetus to the production of books, which has crossed more than 2500 by now covering the entire gamut of all subjects and fields of higher education. I am happy to place on record that Prasaranga’s contribution for the enhancement of the standing of our University amidst its peers is highly respectable. In this background, we must strive to keep its position always in the forefront. Launching of the website is, surely, a step in that direction. I am sure it will be used to the maximum extent by the students, teachers, researchers and all knowledge - seekers.

Message from Registrar
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Smt. V.R Shylaja


The Prasaranga of the University of Mysore occupies a foremost position among the publication division of the Universities in the State of Karnataka; probably, in the entire country. That’s why I always compare our Prasaranga to a dam or a water reservoir. Just as the reservoir collects water and distributes it over a vast tract of land for irrigation which produces wealth and sustenance to a large population, Prasaranga has also been catering to the intellectual needs of our people. Thus, it has made a great contribution in enhancing the cultural capital of the kannadigas. When the people of other states come and observe Prasaranga’s activities they are invariably motivated to replicate them in the institutions and universities.

Prasaranga of our University is as vibrant as befor. Our Journals” prabuddha Karnataka” “Vijnana Karnataka” “Manavika Karnataka” have reached milestones and the books are being published in all branches of knowledga. The launch of website is yet another achievement. I wish this source of knowledge will be used by one and all and contribute for the progress of learning.